Welcome fellow or future rodent owners!

Hamsters and other rodents are amazing pets, and if you’re like me you love making your pets happy.

What I hope you’ll learn here:

  • How to make super simple and fun DIY toys to keep your pets busy and happy.
  • What hamsters require to live long, happy lives.
  • How to make owning a small pet fun and easier.

I have already created many DIYs that I’d love to share! My late hamster, Beanie, loved attention, and she was the inspiration to start this blog.

What is and soon will be available here:

  • Tutorials for my simple and fun DIY toys
  • Any hamster information you could hope to know
  • How to organize things to fit limited space
  • Updated experiences with my personal hamsters

I hope these posts are interesting and helpful. For when you get tired of learning, you can check out Beanie’s Photo Library, or her personal About Beanie Page.

If you want to support me, you can follow this blog, and Our Social Media.

I hope you find this blog to be informative, helpful, and entertaining.

Have a ham-tastic day!

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