Operation Drawer

I think we can all agree that after a few weeks obviously the designated ‘Small Pet Supplies Drawer’ is going to look something like this. A drawer isn’t a lot of space to store all of your pet’s things, but it is possible to keep it nice for longer if it’s organized properly.

  • First the drawer needs a clean. Sweep it out and sanitize it. This should be getting done anyway, so having to reorganize is great motivation.
  • Then get your food container/bag and put it in the farthest corner.
  • Now gather all of your bowls and food dishes.
  • Stack them in as few piles as possible, the fewer piles the more space saved.
  • Stick the bowls by the food container/bag.

(Just thought I’d let you know Beanie’s on Higgins Sunburst food, not Hartz Bonzana, which she was on. I just keep her food bags and her new food bag isn’t visible.)

  • Now get some small, clean containers and put your treats in them.
  • Put the treat containers in or near the food and dishes.

I ended up moving the little pink divided dish, and now the treats fit into the heart bowl.

  • Now get another container or jar and put all the spare chews in it.
  • Put the chews by the treats.
  • Now get all the, I dunno, utensils? Usful things? You get the idea. Things like scoops, bottles, brooms, measuring spoons, bottle holders and combs.
  • Put them next to everything else. Adjust things as needed.
  • Now gather all the flatish things; ladders, platforms etc…
  • Lay them as flat and close together as possible, opposite from the other items.
  • At this point you’ll also add in any unopened, brand-new things. I just currently don’t have any.
  • Collect all the hollow toys, like tubes and hide outs.
  • Finally organize all the extra items into the hollow items.

As you can see in this image, there’s no particular spot for anything, and you can’t fit very many things into the drawer. And you can’t easily get to anything, and it just dosen’t look appealing.

Meanwhile, this drawer now is clean and orderly. Everything has its place and it looks really nice, and I can finally fit Beanie’s carrier into the drawer, too!

I hope this tutorial was helpful. I use this method of organizing often and I can fit more into less space with it still looking nice, and I hope you realize there’s hope for that cluttered pet drawer.

If you’re interested in more hamster-related content be sure to like this post and follow the blog, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with more small pet care, DIYs, recipes, cage setups, stories and more, have a ham-tastic day!

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