Keeping Hamsters Safe From Other Pets

There’s no reason you can’t own other pets besides your hamster. In this post we’re going to discuss the easiest ways to keep your hamster safe from the other pets in your home, no matter what they are.

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There are many species of animal that thrive by living the free-roaming life. There are quite a few. Dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits for example should all be living outside of cages, with the exception of caging them at night, if you’re afraid of them destroying things.

The best way to protect any caged pet is to keep them in a bedroom or office with a secure, latching door to prevent your other pets from getting at them. This is why many people have a ‘pet room,’ where they keep all their caged pets. Bedrooms and offices are ideal places for housing your hamster in general because they’re quiet and peaceful so they can get a good day’s sleep.

Every pet is different, but if your pet has no idea of the existence of your hamster you could probably get away with having them out in the open. Hamsters are crepuscular and/or nocturnal, so it’s likely your pets won’t notice the hamster, and if they’re kept out of sight of the cage at night it shouldn’t be an issue.The cage will need a stable, latchable lid either way. Hamsters are known to escape.

Caged Pets

Having other caged pets is rarely a problem with hamsters. However it has been known highly territorial hamsters sometimes try to attack other hamsters through the cage, barred or solid. This problem can be easily be fixed by taping a sheet of paper on the side of the cage, or moving the cage.

If you have multiple hamsters, or perhaps a snake or lizard, in the same room you may worry that, “My hamster will get out and attack the other hamster!” Or, “What if my snake eats my hamster?” This isn’t worth worrying about. Obviously you’re going to hamster proof the cages (right?), or whatever-proof any other cages in the room, and you should be peachy.

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  • Don’t be afraid to keep other pets as well as your hamster.
  • Try to keep the cage in a bedroom or office with a sturdy, latching door.
  • It’s fine to keep the hamster out in the open so long as you make sure the cage has a strong, latching lid and your other pets don’t care about the hamster.
  • If your hamster tries to attack other caged pets beside them put a piece of paper between the cage or move the cage.
  • Don’t worry too much about caged pets getting out and harming each other.
  • Check all cages weekly to make sure your pets can’t get out/get at each other.

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