My Experiences Baking Wood

I’m going to tell you about my experiences baking (and burning) wood for my hamster, Beanie.

The most common method of sanitizing natural or wooden toys is baking them, and I had a nice piece of wood I wanted for Beanie. I was a newbie hamster owner, and had never baked wood before, and I decided I might as well give it a try.

I didn’t know exactly what to do after resolving to bake the wood, so I Googled, ‘how to bake wood for my hamster?’

After some digging around I came up with 30 minutes at 425f, and I preheated my oven. I stuck the wood in and after about 20 minutes I realized the oven was smoking.

I dashed to the oven and retrieved the wood, which was definitely sanitized (a little smoked, too).

It survived the oven without turning to charcoal, and to this day Beanie uses this piece of wood, and I really like it.

My Second Wood-Baking Experience

The second time was far less exciting. I found some nice pieces of wood outside, and I wanted to use them for Beanie, so I needed to bake them.

I decided to bake the wood at 350f for 20 minutes, so it wouldn’t start smoking.

The baking went fine, except for 15 minutes it started to smell, and I took the pieces out and called it a day.


Baking wood is an easy and effective way of sanitizing natural hamster items, and I highly recommend it. However, if you don’t want a smokey situation (which most people don’t) I’d recommend baking at 225f for 20 minutes.

Have you had any wood baking incidents? Feel free to share them in the comments so we can learn from each other’s experiences!

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