My 10 Favourite DIYs I’ve DIYed!

To enrich Beanie through a more naturalistic setup, I’ve created loads of DIYs using cardboard to keep her entertained and happy. Here I’m going to be sharing my top 10 personal favorite hamster DIYs, some of which I designed and created from scratch.

#10: The Hidey Cube

I love the Hidey Cube’s design and purposes. It’s lightweight, which makes it a safe travel toy, and it only requires a few basic materials, making it very simple to create. Because of the design’s simplicity it’s easy to recreate it in different sizes to suit Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Chinchillas, Cats, Rabbits, Sugar Gliders and Rats. I have a tutorial for this DIY here if you’d like to DIY my DIY!

#9: The Adorable Rodent House

I adore this house; who wouldn’t? This house is an adorable addition to anyone’s collection, and it’s amazing for naturalistic setups. It isn’t much different from the Hidey Cube, except it’s cuter! I also have a tutorial for this house here, if you’d like to check it out, and DIY it yourself!

#8: Corner House

This DIY is for all those people who desperately want one of those magazine-divider hamster houses and platforms that you see on social media. I was one of those people until I created this house. I love this house because it serves as a platform as well as a house, therefore not taking up floor space like your cliche hamster house.

#7: Small Pet Tee-Pee

I’m very fond of this DIY design, it’s so geometrical! I like using it as a place to scatter food because the floor makes it easier for Beanie to collect the food. It’s perfect for destroying, and, although it’s a bit small for Syrian hamsters I love using it. This DIY is available here!

#6: The Luxury Burrowing Platform

This was one of the first DIYs I made when Beanie first moved into her bincage, a monstrosity like this would never fit into her barred cage or tank! It consists of an upper floor which was designed as an Eco Earth pit, which I really like, and then the lower section for an underground nest. It’s specially designed to fit Beanie’s cage.

#5: Wooden Barn Facade

This DIY is probably Beanie’s favorite hidey. She absolutely loves it, and choses it as her nest whenever it’s in her cage! It was designed especially to fit her tank. It’s stuck together with hot glue, and is made primarily of plywood. I love the aesthetic, but however this is quite a large DIY, measuring 11 inches in length.

#4: The Triangular Hide’n’Climb

This is a DIY that I whipped up one day when Beanie was bored, and after some editing this finalized design came to be! It’s useful for taking up space, considering hamsters feel safer in crowded environments. This DIY is perfect for scatter feeding, since food can go inside, as well as on the steps. This DIY is also Available here!

#3: The Cardboard Wheel

I got the inspiration for this DIY from Mr. H2’s YouTube video. However, as you can see, I had to make many improvisions because the original was far too small to meet Beanie’s requirements, which is why I’m listing it. Beanie loves chewing this wheel! It is quite squeaky, and due to the materials used I cannot oil it.

#2: The Luxery Home

This house is made from a tissue box, and is coated in specially trimmed popsicle sticks and skewers to ensure a professional appearance. This particular luxury home’s tutorial is available here 😎

#1: The Three-Tiered House

This is my favorite DIY of all time, the three-story hamster apartment! This house is ideal for mice, due to their climbing skills, but is also suitable for all hamster species. The tiers open, revealing your pet’s lair! I have the tutorial available here, if you’re interested in DIYing this legendary apartment!

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