Beanie’s Holding Cell

While I deep clean Beanie’s cage I obviously have to put her somewhere. Since I free roam I don’t have a playpen, and Beanie gets really claustrophobic in her little Living World carrier. I found the solution: her holding cell.

Beanie’s holding cell is a 10 gallon tank which I had intended to use for a number of other pets, but since I never got those pets the tank is used for Beanie.

In the 200 square inches I have at least 3 inches of substrate, a hidey house, food dish, and chew toy. This provides the perfect little nook for Beanie while I’m cleaning her large cage.

I really like using this tank over the little wire cage I have, which is about the same size, because Beanie cannot climb the sides and fall.

The tank is exceptional for travel, since it’s secure, hamster-proof, big enough for comfort, and the glass sides prevent drafts.

Beanie’s holding cell is really handy, and since it’s set up 24/7 I know I’ll always have somewhere to put Beanie if need be, and I love the peace of mind.

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