All About Hamsters And Hay

This week we’re going to be talking about hamsters and hay, and answering some common questions!


Hay is full of fiber, and should your hamster be one to enjoy nibbling on it, it is very healthy for their digestive system.

Hamsters are not herbivores, and cannot live solely on hay and vegetables like rabbits. Don’t expect them to eat it.


When layered into your hamster’s substrate, hay is great for holding up your hamster’s burrows! Simply put down some substrate, hay, substrate, hay, substrate, hay until you have the depth you like, and the hay will help support any burrows your hamster creates.

Foraging Toys

Hay is great for stuffing into foraging toys! You can sprinkle food or treats in with the hay, or just have a hay toy. Small pets usually really love hay-filled toys.

Which Hay?

There are so many hays available on the market, and which one do you choose? You’re going to want the softest hays for your hamster in case they pouch it, which means you should get either Timothy or Orchard hay/grass. These hays are hamster-safe and soft.

Where to Get Hay?

You’ll want to get hay from a pet store or online so it won’t have any bugs in it.

Which Bag?

When selecting a bag of hay make sure it has a transparent section so you can examine it. You want lush, green hay in strands ranging 3-8 inches long. Make sure there’s not a pile of crushed-hay dust in the bag.


Hay overall is very beneficial for hamsters, and I definitely recommend trying it with your small pets. I totally want to try it out with Beanie this summer, since hay makes a great, cool, airy nesting material.

If you use or have used hay with your hamster(s) please comment down below and share your experience!

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