Circle House DIY Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the DIY tutorial for this lovely circle house! Today I’ll be showing you how I made this house, with step-by-step instructions so you can recreate it for your own small pets! Let us begin.

For this project you’ll need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A drawing compass
  • Crafting knife
  • A writing utensil
  • Cardboard
  • Using your drawing compass, draw a 6 inch circle on your cardboard and cut it out. This is the roof.
  • Use your ruler to measure and cut out a 5×18 1/2 inch piece of cardboard.
  • Use your crafting knife to cut some grooves into the cardboard as shown above. Don’t cut all the way through.
  • Now tightly roll up the cardboard strip. This will make it more flexible and easier to glue onto the roof.
  • Draw a circle with your drawing compass on the strip of cardboard, and cut it out. This is the door.
  • Glue the ends of the cardboard strip together. This is the wall. It’s okay if it’s not a perfect circle, we’ll fix that later.
  • Put hot glue along the top edge of the wall, and carefully put the roof on top. If you flip it upside down it can be easier to adjust the roof into place.

And with that, the house is complete! This is such an interesting house, and I hope you and your pets enjoy it 🙂

If you’d like to see how I set up Beanie’s cage with this house in it, click here, and please leave a comment in the ‘Reply’ section down below if you’ve made this DIY for your pet(s)!

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