Popsicle Stick Bridge DIY Tutorial

Greetings! This week I will be demonstrating how I created this really neat popsicle stick bridge for small pets.

This toy is inspired by those rainbow-bridge toys, which I’ve tried making before. However, I find it is very difficult to get the rails right when I try with cardboard, so I wanted to try it with popsicle sticks. Personally, I’m quite pleased with the results!

The awesome thing about using popsicle sticks for hamster toys is that you can make the same toy for different species by using a different size of sticks. The bridge on the right is made with large popsicle sticks, making it the perfect size for Syrian hamsters, while the one on the left made with regular sized sticks are perfect for Chinese and Dwarf hamsters.

  • First measure and cut 5 popsicle sticks. How long they are will determine how wide the bridge is, and you can make it however big or small you’d like. I made mine 5 inches long, for context.
  • Overlap 2 sticks as shown above. Get your writing utensil and draw a vertical line, and cut on the line. Repeat this step until you can four sticks with angled pieces cut off of them.
  • Now you should have 9 pieces that look like this.
  • Glue the pointy-looking pieces together.
  • Lay one of the pointy pieces down and glue a straight piece on to make the top step. Hold it upright until the glue cools, then glue the other pointy piece on the other end of the top step.
  • Glue the remaining four steps on, try to keep them evenly spaced.

The bridge is done and ready to put into your pet’s cage 🥳

Thanks so much for viewing this DIY tutorial! If you’d like to see this DIY in a cage setup, click here. If you’ve made this toy, comment in the ‘Reply’ section down below and share your experience!

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