The First 3 Days With Stuart

For the sake of context, make sure you’ve read my post from last week titled The Future Hamster.

June 4th, 2021

Stuart is doing really well, and today I’d like to share what the first three nights with him were like! I gave him these first three nights to settle in without direct human interaction. I thought it’d be neat to have this documented.

The First Three Days

Day 1:

I arrived home with Stuart in his carrier in the early afternoon of May 27th, 2021. After bundling him into the house, I double-checked his masculinity by putting him in a clear jar and looking from below, confirming he is in fact a male.

I released him into his new cage, where he soon discovered his 6.5 inch Silent Spinner wheel, which is plenty big for him since he’s not fully grown. The issue was it’s too heavy for him to push, hence why he now has a 7 inch flying saucer I had kicking around, which is lighter.

Now that he was happily running on his saucer, I began stewing over names. I have a name list, but non of them really suited him. I was going through several TV character names when I decided on Stuart. Stuart Scola is a character from FBI, whose noticeable eyebrows inspired the name.

Stuart retired to the upper story of his house.

Several hours later, at 10:30pm, Stew emerged from his little nest and went to his saucer, where he ran long into the night. I have to say, watching a Robo learn the art of a saucer wheel is quite amusing, as it involves the hamster spinning around and getting flung off many times before they get it.

I removed any potential dangers from the area around the wheel, and went to bed with the soft pitter-patter of little feet resonating around the room. At one point around 3am I woke and checked the time, and Stuart was still on his wheel.

Day 2:

Day two was pretty chill. Stuart had moved his nest under a bendy bridge and happily slept the day away.

He enjoys shredding tissue into tiny bits for his bed, which is quite cute.

Day 3:

On the third morning I made myself an egg sandwich, which I refrained from seasoning and shared with Stuart. I placed the morsel of egg in front of his house, and by the afternoon it’d disappeared.

I heard occasional shuffling around but not much else for the rest of the day until 10:00pm, when he came out to resume use of his wheel. He also proceeded to move his nest onto his two-story platform structure, where he slept the next day.


Next week the story of Stuart will resume, and I will share his taming progress from May 30th to June 15th (the day that post comes out).

I will say, Stuart is a very special boi 😉

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