Beanie was estimated to have been born mid-December, 2018, and passed away on November 27th, 2020.

She inspired this blog, where I post content to help other people improve their hamster’s quality of life. I hope in the years to come this blog will help thousands of hamsters, thanks to Beanie.

She was an adorable Long-haired, red eyed, Mink-Banded Syrian Hamster, and was a very fluffy, precious, and loved hammy.

She resided in a 200 quart (680ish square inches) bin cage, and thoroughly enjoyed her evening free roaming which would last 10-60 minutes.

Beanie LOVED back rubs, and enjoyed sprawling out sleepily to enjoy a massage.

Beanie was a very active hamster, and I loved creating new things to keep Beanie as busy as possible, and sharing my creations and hamster-experiences with other hamster lovers.

Beanie was an outgoing, energetic, and amazing hamster, and I loved her very much. Everyone who knew her guarantees there is no other hamster like Beanie, the Syrian Hamster.

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