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Mistakes I Made With Beanie

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In January I posted about the worst things I’d bought and/or used with Beanie, but this week I wanted to specifically talk about the mistakes I made. Despite how much research I did before getting Beanie, I made a ton of mistakes with her. I hope by sharing my mistakes you can avoid making them, or be made aware so you can fix any mistakes you’ve made and give your hamster a better life.

The Worst Things I Bought/Used For Beanie

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Welcome to a post of me telling you how terrible I was to Beanie. I don’t claim to be a perfect hamster owner now, but I definitely wasn’t when I started out with Beanie. That’s this week’s topic: The Worst Things I’ve Bought/Used For Beanie.

The November Cage Makeover (2020)

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Hello and welcome to this month’s cage makeover! I post a cage deep clean and makeover post the first week of each month. That way I can share my setup ideas with you, and freshen Beanie’s cage with a new and enriching DIY based setup for her!

My Hamster Care Schedule

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When you get any pet you create your own routine and care schedule. It may not be written out, but it exists nonetheless. Scheduling is a part of pet owning I personally really enjoy. Some people just do things as needed, which is totally fine. You want to have a routine that works for you. Today I’m going to be sharing Beanie’s schedule, which you can draw inspiration from.

The October Cage Makeover (2020)

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Welcome to the October Cage Makeover of 2020! As shown above, Beanie‘s cage is dwindling from interest, and definitely needs a clean and makeover.

In her current setup she has some toys, such as her wheel, duck basket, hide’n’climbing toy, bendy bridge, chew block, a little tin bucket, basket hut, luxury house, foraging toy, rock, and water bowl.

I will have the bold items in this setup and the new setup linked at the end of this post, if you’re interested in recreating or learning about them 🙂

Annoying Things Beanie Does/Did

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After owning a hamster for over a year I’ve realized having a hamster is something you have to learn how to do with first-hand experience. I learned as much as possible before I got Beanie, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the things Beanie’s done. Here I will tell you about the top five things ….  Read More