Step-by-step instructions to create awesome toys for your small pets! Scroll to view gallery or click an image for the DIY tutorial.

Twine Carrot
Fairy Garden House
Cardboard Fruity Roller
Circle House
Popsicle Stick Bridge
2-Story Popsicle Stick House
Semicircle House
Two-Tiered Tower 2.0
Suitcase Hideout
Foraging Toy
Plastic Tub Nest and Platform
Staircase Hideout and Climbing Toy
Corner House
Christmassy Basket Hut
How To Create A Perfect Arched Doorway
Two-Tiered Tower 1.0
Burrow Starter and Hut
Adorable House
Three-Story House
Luxury House
Hide’n’Seek Cube
Triangular Hide’n’Climb Toy
The Beanie Barricade
Popsicle Stick Climbing Toy
Barred Foraging Toy
Small Pet Tee-Pee