The story of my first hamster, Beanie.

Part 1: Adopting Beanie

  • Choosing a Hamster
  • My First Time Holding a Hamster

Part 2: The First 24 Hours With Beanie

  • Getting Bitten
  • Catching Escapee Hamster

Part 3: Taming Beanie

  • Preparing for Taming
  • Beginning the Taming Process
  • Playpen/Bathtub Bonding
  • Beanie’s Reaction to My Bare Hands
  • Thoughts and Tips for Taming

Part 4: Beanie’s Cage Upgrades

  • Beanie’s Three Cages
  • How To Tell If You Need An Upgrade
  • Finding New Cages

Part 5: Beanie’s Wheels

  • Beanie’s Mesh Wheel
  • Preventing Bumblefoot
  • Finding an Upgrade

Part 6: Beanie’s Sprain

  • Diagnosis
  • Adjusting the Cage
  • Healing Process

Part 7: Our Free Roaming Experiences

  • How To Save Your Door
  • BeanVille
  • Improving the Free-Roaming Experience

Part 8: Recapping Beanie’s Annoying Traits

  • Peeing Through The Bars
  • Wheel Peeing
  • Dumping Cheek Pouches Under Furniture
  • Sleeping In The Open
  • Putting Food In Her Wheel

Part 9: My Experiences Baking Wood

  • How To Sanitize Natural Items Through Baking Without Burning Them Like I Did

Part 10: Beanie’s Holding Cell

  • Where I Kept Beanie While Deep Cleaning

Part 11: Beanie’s Cold

  • Symptoms of the Flu in Hamsters
  • How I Cured Beanie

Part 12: Beanie’s Care Schedule

  • When I buy Beanie’s food, substrate, etc…
  • When I spot clean and deep clean

Part 13: Beanie’s Passing

The story of Beanie, the Syrian hamster, ends.

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