Basic Premade Treats

Plain Cheerio
The Equivalent of crunchy donut, the Plain Flavored Cheerio is a favorite of small pets.

Unsweetened Coconut
Shredded, unsweetened coconut is a favorite of Beanie’s. It is readily available and highly recommended. Serve only a pinch once a week.

Quinoa is a special treat, especially because of its high quality and price. It can be served raw or cooked without salt.

Brown Bread
Bread of any kind is definitely a treat. It contains sugar and other not so healthy ingredients, but is fine once a week in moderation.

Peanut Butter
The jar should say something like ‘Peanuts #1 Ingredient.’ And only serve peanut butter in moderation as a weekly treat.

Dog Treats
Hard, low ingredient dog treats make great treats, and also wear down your hamster’s ever-growing teeth.

Popular Protein Foods

Hardboiled Egg White
Hardboiled egg whites provide a delicious treat as well as helping with your small pet’s omnivorous dietary requirements.

Scambled Egg
Best cooked without any non-stick substances, scrambled eggs are healthy and a nice way to treat your small pet.

Plain Cooked Chicken
Chicken can be prepared by boiling or frying, but cook without any salts or spices, serve when warm or cooled.

Plain Cooked Beef
Plain beef is a treat that hamsters are sure to enjoy. It is rarely served by anyone, and needs to be served cooked without spices or salt.

Baby Food
Baby foods are an awesome way to feed protein as well as treat your hamster. Baby food is great for elderly hamsters, just make sure it doesn’t contain weird ingredients.

Cat Food
No Name Cat Food is an especially good brand to feed hamsters due to its low ingredient count. Only feed low ingredient kibbles very occasionally.

Easy Treats Anyone Can Bake

Banana Bread
This simple 2 ingredient treat is suitable for Hamsters, Gerbils, and Mice. Keep refridgerated. Recipe available.

Seedy Cookie
These cookies are great for enrichment, and can be served weekly. Recipe available.

Carrot Cookie
Carrot cookies should be made monthy only, and served in moderation. Refridgerate. Recipe coming soon.

Strawberry Shortcake
A dense, flavourful cake with frosting just for your small pet. Do not serve to diabetes prone hamsters. Recipe coming soon.

Learn how to make hamster-safe icing to top off or layer your hamster treats and desserts! Method coming soon.

Blueberry Stew
Blueberry stew provides a new fruity texture for your hamster that they are sure to enjoy! Recipe coming soon.

For the health of your small pets, please be advised to follow the feeding guidlines.