My name is Laura, and I’m the author of Beanie the Hamster. Beanie was my first hamster, and looking back, I never suspected I’d become a blogger from my new pet!

Since I was little I’ve always adored animals, and always will. I’ve never known a life without pets. First fish, then cats, then budgies, and now, hamsters.

I love seeing my pets thrive in my care. I actually enjoy cleaning cages, and don’t mind the noise, smell, time, and effort that goes into pet owning.

I love re-living the past with my hamsters as I write about our time together. From the time I was about nine to twelve I wrote around fifty or sixty stories and essays for school, and after that three or four year period I finally started writing by my own free will, instead of for education. I’ve become a pretty passable writer, thanks to my mom.

I’ve learned a lot about hamsters throughout my short hamster owning career (if you want to call it that), and I decided to share my experiences and knowledge with others to help them with their hamsters. I certainly didn’t start out with “perfect” hamster care. Pet owners never start out with great care; good pet owners learn about their mistakes and fix them. That’s what matters. But I do, however, want others to skip most of the ‘mistake making’ stage of hamster owning by spreading proper care to the people of the internet.

I hope this blog is helpful, informative, and entertaining to everyone who finds it,

Laura Grace