Hamster Wheels

Hamster Care

This is a very important topic, because not only can the wrong wheel seriously hurt your hamster’s feet, but back as well. Wire Wheel? Imagine hundreds of painful infected papercuts on each hand and foot. That’s called Bumblefoot, and it is caused by barred or mesh wheels. It is excruciating, and unnecessary. And Bumblefoot isn’t ….  Read More

DIY Adorable Rodent House


This Adorable Rodent House, besides being so cute, it is really handy for pretty much anything! It is safe for pets to chew on, and being light weight, it’s perfect for travel, and is also super simple and easy to recreate over and over! For this cute project, you’ll need: A piece of cardboard, any thickness. A ….  Read More

DIY Two-Tiered Tower 1.0 Tutorial


This tower is super simple to make, and it is suitable for all Hamster Species, as well as Mice and Gerbils. It can be used as decoration, a toy, and/or a stand for your food dish. It is perfectly safe for your pet to chew on. For this project you will need:  The thickest piece ….  Read More


About Us

Welcome fellow or future rodent owners! Hamsters and other rodents are amazing pets, and if you’re like me you love making your pets happy. What I hope you’ll learn here: How to make super simple and fun DIY toys to keep your pets busy and happy. What hamsters require to live long, happy lives. How ….  Read More