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Soil Substrate

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There are many, many different substrates to choose from. Some safe, some unsafe. Some are more enriching than others, but the most natural of them all is soil. Sometimes natural is not always better, but today I would like to argue that soil is just as good or perhaps better than other substrates, from my personal experience.

The Future Hamster

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This is the post you have all been waiting for. It’s the post I’ve been yearning to write. Not only is it my 90th post, but it’s also one of the most exciting posts there is. There is no Future Hamster. There is THE PRESENT HAMSTER! Today, I will be sharing some updates, introducing the new hamster, and retelling his origin story.

Different Substrates For Hamsters

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There are tons of different brands of substrates, but there are only a handful of good substrates for hamsters. This week I’m going to be talking about the different materials used for hamster substrates, which ones are safe, and some popular unsafe ones as well.

Mistakes I Made With Beanie

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In January I posted about the worst things I’d bought and/or used with Beanie, but this week I wanted to specifically talk about the mistakes I made. Despite how much research I did before getting Beanie, I made a ton of mistakes with her. I hope by sharing my mistakes you can avoid making them, or be made aware so you can fix any mistakes you’ve made and give your hamster a better life.

Keeping Your Hamster’s Nails Healthy

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Like humans, hamsters have finger/toe nails which continuously grow. If their nails grow too long they can become ingrown, literally curling around into your hamster’s foot. This is obviously very painful, and if your hamster’s nails become ingrown they must see a vet for treatment. This week we’re going to talk about how to prevent ….  Read More

The Worst Things I Bought/Used For Beanie

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Welcome to a post of me telling you how terrible I was to Beanie. I don’t claim to be a perfect hamster owner now, but I definitely wasn’t when I started out with Beanie. That’s this week’s topic: The Worst Things I’ve Bought/Used For Beanie.

Stop Giving Pets As Presents

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It’s the holiday season: the time of giving and receiving presents from family and friends. Animals are often given as presents, but really shouldn’t ever be considered a surprise gift. Today I’m going to explain why and offer some alternatives to giving an animal as a present!