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My Hamster Care Schedule

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When you get any pet you create your own routine and care schedule. It may not be written out, but it exists nonetheless. Scheduling is a part of pet owning I personally really enjoy. Some people just do things as needed, which is totally fine. You want to have a routine that works for you. Today I’m going to be sharing Beanie’s schedule, which you can draw inspiration from.

Beanie’s Banana Bread

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This recipe makes about 10 quarter teaspoon sized cookies for Hamsters Gerbils and Mice. Serve one-two only as a weekly treat, do not overfeed to diabetes-prone Hamsters. Refridgerate, do not store in bag. Ingredients: 1 tbs Very Ripe Banana 1-2 tbs Flour, Buckwheat is prefered You may need a couple drops of tapwater. Method: Preheat ….  Read More