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Different Substrates For Hamsters

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There are tons of different brands of substrates, but there are only a handful of good substrates for hamsters. This week I’m going to be talking about the different materials used for hamster substrates, which ones are safe, and some popular unsafe ones as well.

DIY Plastic Tub Hideout and Platform Tutorial

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Hello and welcome to another DIY tutorial! This week I’m showing you how to make a cute platform and ‘underground’ nest from a small plastic goat cheese tub. I’ve been saving this tub for about a week, brainstorming what I wanted to make with it, until today when I purchased a pack of coffee stirrers. I thought they’d be handy since they’re basically long, skinny popsicle sticks, and I realized they’d be perfect for this project.

How To Sanitize Hamster Toys

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Hamsters, and other small pets, can get their toys pretty dirty. Your hamster’s toys should be getting cleaned after they’re switched out of the cage for different toys, or on a monthly basis. There are two categories of toys; the plastic toys and the natural toys. They have different cleaning methods, and here I’ll explain ….  Read More

Annoying Things Beanie Does/Did

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After owning a hamster for over a year I’ve realized having a hamster is something you have to learn how to do with first-hand experience. I learned as much as possible before I got Beanie, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the things Beanie’s done. Here I will tell you about the top five things ….  Read More