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Soil Substrate

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There are many, many different substrates to choose from. Some safe, some unsafe. Some are more enriching than others, but the most natural of them all is soil. Sometimes natural is not always better, but today I would like to argue that soil is just as good or perhaps better than other substrates, from my personal experience.

Substrate Depth

Enriching Your Small PetHamster-Related ContentBeanie the HamsterdepthHamsterhamster substratehamster substrate depthkey pointsquestionssubstratewhat is substrate?What qualifies as deep?Why deep substrate?

One of the first things you’ll learn when researching hamster care is that they require a deep substrate, but that’s very ambiguous if you ask me. What is substrate? Why do they need deep substrate? What qualifies as deep? With this post I hope to bring clarity to the subject of substrate.